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You stained don’t know what you’re missing what do you say you and I blow this taco stand and leave these title fee’s or sort things out by themselves I did not like that uh-uh I got you Stacy no worries that’s an edge you can come out here and grind about the title all you want but you can’t talk to Stacy like that how about you and I go one-on-one tonight and the loser.

shuts his damn mouth for a week you’re on Romeo but let’s make it hardcore match and don’t worry Stacy I’ll show you who’s the better man by the end of the night oh my edge in a hardcore match because he’s stalking about me and Stacy no no no I bet edge is doing this for America you think you know my they got the lights and everything for edge the following introductions Toronto he’s got pretty cool interest it’s our thing edge was doing the you went doing the pyre at the ramp yet at this point I’ll thing.

yeah I wonder if you do does the hump thing still fit nice I do that do that’s fun that’s fun hey guys if you guys are still watching remember to hit that like button I’d really appreciate it for we get to this match with edge all capitalized letters edge yeah I really love edges this theme song Think it’s really good to the honestly most of edges theme songs if not all of them have always been really good like anytime he changes like it’s just always still a good song oh there’s just stable sit in the ring and a ring bell how do I use these weapons that’s the question oh here we go-hey edge boom oh the bell fell.

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My matches against this week I fully agree that he is a great athlete and a great EWE superstar let’s get something clear right here and now crotch I made trip to the crowd patroon that one I made Triple H tap out two weeks ago I am the rightful World Heavyweight Champion Even an ass clown like you has to admit that it’s ridiculous that I’ve got to fight for a title that’s already mine well we all saw.

Triple H spin your shoulders to the mat for a three count during a title match and Triple H won his semi final match earlier tonight so he’s already earned his spot in the Wrestle Mania title match just two weeks away how what huh how did that happen what it seems to me that you’ve got some catching up to do of course you’re no stranger to come in second at Triple H yo let’s get something straight.

Jerky yj doesn’t come in second to anyone and that’s exactly what James is gonna find out tonight he might be a great competitor but I’m a larger-than-life living legend tonight I’m going down to that ring I’m Gonna beat James to earn my place in the Wrestle Mania title match Triple H might have gotten out of losing the title tome once but that’s never ever gonna happen Regional again hit the bricks jr.

I’m Gonna beat the hell out of this dude this dude’s gonna come to my ring now we know that Chris Jericho is you know yeah is out here he’s gonna be using some sort of dirty tactics but I mean let’s look at the facts here okay I have Stacy Nibbler The following I always got the gimmick jacket[Music]Chris Jericho you tell me how this is the best motto boss check this dude out dude[Music]that’s awesome I’m dig gin that I’m Digging I’m digging dogs all right so we gotta we gotta beat Chris Jericho.